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The Difference Between White Glove and Threshold Shipping

When you need to get something shipped, there are many different methods to consider in Columbus, OH. We’re not talking about USPS First Class or FedEx Ground, either—this is about shipping methods for large items that won’t fit inside a prepaid envelope. It’s important to consider the entire shipping process beyond just the method of […]

What Business Owners Need to Know About Inside Delivery and White Glove Delivery

Are you a retail business owner looking to enhance your customers’ overall experience? The retail industry is a competitive one, and you should use every interaction with your customer as a way to establish trust—and repeat business, as a result. It can take many positive interactions to build loyalty with your customers, but only one […]

What You Need to Know About Providing White Glove Shipping for Your Customers

If you own a retail business of any size, you know that keeping your clients happy is crucial if you want to encourage customer loyalty and repeat sales. Customers have a choice regarding where they spend their hard-earned dollars, which is why their entire experience with your business, from start to finish, should be smooth, […]

When to Use White Glove Shipping

Businesses that ship products directly to their customers have to make a lot of decisions about how to deliver items to different locations. Shipping can become even more complicated when businesses deliver large, awkwardly-shaped or very fragile items. Thankfully, there are options out there for businesses who need to deliver these special items, including white […]

What You Need to Know When It Comes to White Glove Shipping

Today, online shopping is incredibly common and allows consumers to purchase everything from groceries to clothing with the click of a button. While most of the products consumers buy online are shipped using standard delivery companies, there are some products that require special attention or care during the shipping and delivery process. White glove shipping […]