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The Final Mile to a Happy Holiday

Shoppers are going online in droves this year. Online shopping has been steadily growing over the years, and is expected to increase by about 4 percent this year. It makes sense—who wants to wait in long lines and risk picking up a cold or the flu when they can shop from the comfort of their […]

What Is the Point of Final Mile Delivery Services?

Online shopping and home delivery have become a standard for most households. A single family will likely receive several packages from multiple stores and destinations in a single week, in some cases even on a single day. While a customer may only see the convenience of everything they need arriving on their doorstep, stores and […]

Why More Companies Are Moving to Final Mile Delivery Services in Columbus, OH

The rise of online shopping over the last decade has forever changed the business world in a variety of ways, from how companies advertise and package their products to the kinds of logistics services they employ. It is the advent of online shopping that has, in part, led to a boom in final mile delivery […]