White Glove Services and Transportation Management

Despite what some people might think, there are many different types of shipping services out there. Basic, threshold, room of choice and white glove are the services we provide at Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. Continue reading to learn a bit more about white glove shipment management.

What is white glove service?

White glove service is the premier delivery method for customers who need a full-service shipping partner. In addition to delivery, white glove service involves the assembly of each product and any associated cleanup after the delivered item has been assembled. White glove service essentially means going above and beyond to meet all of the customer’s wants and needs.

What products need white glove services?

Any goods that can’t be dropped off on a doorstep may require white glove service. This includes large household appliances, bulky furniture or expensive electronics. Although white glove service is more expensive, your customers will appreciate the extra help your shipment management partner can provide.

Keep in mind that just because something is expensive doesn’t necessarily mean it requires white glove delivery. Expensive or fragile goods that don’t require assembly can be handled with threshold delivery. With threshold service, the delivery driver will simply place the package inside the home or commercial building.

What are some pain points of white glove service?

Since it’s a much more involved process, white glove delivery can have a few more pain points than basic drop-off service.

The first issue that can arise is a customer not being fully satisfied with their white glove service. For example, customers can feel cheated if the delivery arrives late. The white glove shipping company might not get blamed for this, though. Instead, the manufacturer could be the one who receives the negative review.

Another issue is often poor communication between the shipper and the delivery company or the delivery company and the end customer. Any communication hiccups—like the customer not knowing they need to be home when the delivery arrives—result in a poor experience for everyone involved.

Reputable white glove delivery services use a transportation management system (TMS) to communicate with the shipper from pickup through delivery. TMS logistics allows for everyone to be on the same page, ensuring customer satisfaction throughout the process.

What about liability and damage guarantees?

Another pain point of white glove service can be an issue with product damage or returns. Because there are a few extra hands on the expensive goods, there’s a higher chance that the products could be damaged during delivery or setup.

To reduce the likelihood of damage or customer complaints, be sure to partner with a company that specializes in white glove service. When you work with an experienced partner, you can rest easy knowing your goods will be safe from the second they leave your warehouse to the time they’re installed in the customer’s home.

Partner with Quality Experienced Moving, Inc.

If you need a partner to handle your white glove delivery or TMS logistics, be sure to call our team at Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. Our years of experience and dedication to customer service ensure a seamless delivery for all of our customers.

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