The Difference Between White Glove and Threshold Shipping

When you need to get something shipped, there are many different methods to consider in Columbus, OH. We’re not talking about USPS First Class or FedEx Ground, either—this is about shipping methods for large items that won’t fit inside a prepaid envelope.

It’s important to consider the entire shipping process beyond just the method of transportation your delivery will undergo. Some items are too heavy for one person to bring inside their home or business on their own, even with a tool like a furniture dolly, especially if there are stairs involved.

This is where services like white glove shipping and threshold shipping in Columbus, OH come into play. These are types of delivery that include the necessary extra effort at the end of the shipping journey. Though they have similarities, there are differences between white glove and threshold shipping. Here are some of the key facts about the two, as well as how to choose which type is right for you.

Threshold shipping

Say you have a heavy item being delivered and it will be difficult or impossible to get it into your house from outside. This is where threshold shipping in Columbus, OH would be helpful.

Most deliveries by default will be curbside shipping. This means the package will be left on your property, but not inside. Hopefully it will be left near the door or another entrance to the home, but oftentimes you can’t be certain exactly where it will be left.

Threshold shipping takes the next logical step and involves the delivery professionals bringing the package inside your home across the threshold of the doorway, as the name suggests. This process includes requiring a signature to accept the delivery.

This is especially helpful if you have stairs or other obstacles that would make it difficult to bring a large package into your home by yourself. If there would not be anyone to assist in bringing the package inside, having a delivery team assigned to do this for you can be essential.

White glove delivery

Threshold shipping is a step up from standard curbside delivery, but white glove delivery is another step up from threshold delivery. White glove delivery is the royal treatment. In fact, it’s called “white glove” because of the special care that goes into this type of delivery, as in the practice of donning white gloves to handle something precious like a Picasso painting or a priceless Fabergé egg.

This goes beyond just bringing the package inside. The delivery professionals will bring it inside your home to the room of your choice, unpack the item and dispose of the packaging. And finally—and this is the cherry on top of the whole process—they will set the item up for you in the location of your choosing.

If you’re looking for threshold shipping or white glove delivery, you will want to make sure your package is handled only by the best, most experienced delivery professionals working for a reputable shipping company. Call Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. today for all your shipping needs!

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