What You Need to Know About Providing White Glove Shipping for Your Customers

If you own a retail business of any size, you know that keeping your clients happy is crucial if you want to encourage customer loyalty and repeat sales. Customers have a choice regarding where they spend their hard-earned dollars, which is why their entire experience with your business, from start to finish, should be smooth, convenient and pleasant. Here’s how premium delivery services provided by a white glove delivery company improve the customer experience of your Columbus, OH business.

What is a white glove delivery service?

If your business sells large, bulky items, or items that require special installation, you need the help of an experience white glove delivery company in Columbus, OH to provide convenience to your customers. For instance, if you’re a business that sells furniture or appliances, customers don’t want your delivery guy to just set their purchases on the curb and leave. The term “white glove delivery” suggests that your delivery team “puts on” white gloves to provide exceptional care when delivering and installing these items.

What services are offered by a white glove delivery team?

Since big purchases like furniture and appliances are a major investment for your customers, your delivery team needs to treat them as such. When you provide white glove delivery, you show customers you care. An outstanding white glove delivery team can perform the following services:

  • Threshold delivery: This method is a step-up from standard curbside delivery. The team brings the item through the customer’s front door, then removes any shipping or packaging components if necessary. There’s no setup or installation involved—they simply bring it through the door and go.
  • Room-of-choice delivery: When your customers select room-of-choice delivery, their shipment is delivered to a specific room in the residence. If your customers can’t lift bulky, awkward items themselves, but don’t mind doing a little bit of setup after the delivery team leaves, this is the best option for them.
  • Deluxe delivery: Treat your customers like royalty by offering deluxe delivery services. When this option is selected, the delivery team not only brings the shipment to the room of choice, but they also completely unpack, perform all necessary setup and installation and take all the packing materials with them, leaving no mess behind.

How do you find the right white glove delivery company?

When you’re selling a product that requires premium delivery services in Columbus, OH, you know that the stakes are high. Finding a quality team is important when it comes to getting your items to your customers on time and in excellent condition. Search for a delivery company with a great reputation—an internet search is your best option when searching for a delivery provider. Be sure to read previous customer reviews and make sure the company you choose is ready to handle any unique shipping requirements that may arise.

Getting your items to your customers in the most efficient way is part of ensuring a great customer experience. Hiring a white glove delivery company for your Columbus, OH business shows customers a high level of professionalism and care. Contact Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. to set your business apart from the rest.

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