When to Use White Glove Shipping

Businesses that ship products directly to their customers have to make a lot of decisions about how to deliver items to different locations. Shipping can become even more complicated when businesses deliver large, awkwardly-shaped or very fragile items. Thankfully, there are options out there for businesses who need to deliver these special items, including white glove shipping. Keep reading to learn more about white glove fragile-item shipping services in Columbus, OH and find out how to decide when this is the right choice for you.

White glove shipping basics

There are several different types of shipping that businesses might use to get their products to customers. The most common delivery method is standard shipping, which is usually done by large carriers like FedEx or UPS, which bring the package to a home or business for delivery. In addition, there are some carriers that offer threshold delivery. Threshold delivery is a shipping method where the carrier physically brings the item into the home or business to protect it from theft and shield it from the elements.

White glove shipping is an even more specialized delivery method. With white glove delivery, delivery drivers bring the product directly to the customer, place it where it’s meant to go and then remove all packaging so it’s ready for immediate use. There are a lot of different situations when white glove delivery is useful. Most businesses rely on white glove shipping to deliver items that are very large, very fragile or unusually shaped. White glove shipping is the ideal option for fragile shipping in Columbus, OH because the product is professionally handled and placed to minimize the risk of accidents.

When to use white glove shipping

Products that are very large or have unusual dimensions can be difficult to ship. If you ship these kinds of items, white glove delivery might be the perfect solution. With white glove delivery, there’s no need to be worried about whether your carrier knows how to handle the shipment and get it delivered to the right location. In addition, this makes the experience easier on customers by taking out the hassle of attempting to move shipments from outside a home or business to the place where they are supposed to be.

Fragile shipping in Columbus, OH requires a lot of care and attention to detail, and that’s where white glove delivery can really come in handy. White glove shipping services allow business owners to make sure their products are delivered to customers without any accidents or complications. Hiring a white glove delivery service can save businesses money by reducing accidents that cause damage to shipments and minimizing the need for returns due to damage.

Best shipper for fragile items in Columbus, OH

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