Moving Supplies You Can’t Do Without

You don’t want to start moving only to realize you forgot to purchase packing tape or the right containers. There are certain packing supplies almost every move requires. It’s a good idea to create a list of these items before starting your move. Doing so will help the moving process go a lot more smoothly. Having the right packing materials will also help prevent damage to your precious items. Read on to learn about the supplies almost every move requires:

  • Containers: Every move requires the right kind of containers. For most moves, this means getting a slew of cardboard boxes. You can find quality cardboard boxes at supply stores or get them from a friend who just finished unpacking after their own move. Either way, it’s important to properly pack your items inside these boxes to avoid damage.
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap: Picture frames, dishes and other fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap. This packaging material will help prevent them from cracking or chipping during the move. It’s especially important to wrap your most sensitive and expensive items in bubble wrap or packing paper. It’s also a good idea to wrap the legs of your furniture in bubble wrap.
  • Permanent markers: It’s important to make sure everything is properly labeled. It can get frustrating when you’re starting to unpack and realize you don’t know where anything is. Avoid this by labeling every cardboard box and other containers on your moving truck.
  • Moving blankets: Moving blankets can make transporting heavy furniture much easier. Movers will wrap these heavy-duty cloth coverings around your furniture, appliances and more. Like bubble wrap, moving blankets help protect items from damage that may occur during the move. Using moving blankets will not only help protect your furniture, but they also help protect the walls and floors of your new home during the move-in process.
  • Ziploc bags: Ziploc bags are an essential part of any move. It’s easy to lose smaller items when they’re thrown into a big box with a bunch of other things. To avoid losing these smaller objects, place them in Ziploc bags. These items could include hardware for furniture, small electronic devices and much more.
  • Packing tape: It’s called packing tape for a reason! This essential packing supply works much better for sealing boxes than duct tape or scotch tape. Be sure to have plenty of packing tape, as you can never truly know how much you’ll need.
  • Box cutters: These sharp devices make it easy to unpack your items quickly and efficiently. You don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for a knife or something else that could cut through the tough packing tape on your boxes. Instead, keep a box cutter on you at all times.

Don’t get so caught up in moving that you forget to purchase all the essential packing supplies. As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to create a checklist before gathering your materials. By doing this, you can prevent an extra trip to the store because you forgot something.

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