Tips and Tricks for White-Glove Delivery

Trying to move a piece of furniture or bulky item yourself can be a big pain in the neck (especially if you injure yourself!). The best way to avoid this struggle is to hire a white-glove delivery service that brings your item to the correct room and even helps assemble it for you.

Although white-glove delivery makes life easy, there are a few things you can do to make the process even smoother. Continue reading to learn how you can help yourself and us before final mile delivery in Columbus, OH.

Be home at the set time

All of our customers need to be at home when we deliver their goods using our white-glove service. So the first tip for successful delivery is to be at home when your driver arrives. At Quality Experienced Moving, Inc., we provide a two-hour delivery window for our customers. And, to ensure customer satisfaction, we call homeowners 30 minutes before our arrival.

Confirm your address and phone number

Nothing could be worse than a driver accidentally delivering something to the wrong address. Double-check that the delivery company has the correct address on file and that your phone number is right just in case there are any hiccups. It also doesn’t hurt to give the company a backup phone number in case of an emergency.

Communicate the number of stairs

If you live in an upstairs apartment or if the item to be delivered needs to go on an upper level of your house, your delivery company will want to know. Giving your drivers for final mile delivery in Columbus, OH this information will allow them to prepare for the extra work ahead of them.

Measure your doors

At Quality Experienced Moving, Inc., we’re happy to help with packing fragile items for moving in Columbus, OH and all of your delivery needs. The one thing we can’t do, though, is widen your doors if your items are too big! Before calling a delivery team, double-check that your items or furniture will fit through the front door and the door for their new room.

Calculate room dimensions

One thing that really helps delivery teams is if a homeowner knows the room’s dimensions and has an idea of where they want the item to go. Having this information on hand ensures that the piece will fit in the new room, and it saves drivers some time if they need to assemble the furniture.

Prepare your room before arrival

Save your delivery team a big hassle by preparing the room before the designated arrival time. Moving items out of the way and even tidying up a bit makes the whole process a whole lot easier. Additionally, a clean room reduces the risk of anyone tripping and injuring themselves.

Call our team today

If you need a large item moved or if you need help packing fragile items for moving in Columbus, OH, call our pros at Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. With over 15 years of white-glove delivery experience, you can count on us to do the job right every time.

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