Considerations When Choosing a Fulfillment Company

When choosing a fulfillment company, there are many things to consider. Ultimately, you have to keep the needs of your customers in mind at all times, so the decision will boil down to what fulfillment company will best serve the needs of your customers.

There are many aspects to the work of a fulfillment company. There’s the delivery aspect, which has several options ranging from curbside delivery to white glove delivery. Then there’s the warehouse and storage side of things, which can offer a whole different set of options to consider.

For example, how do you decide what warehouse selection criteria to use in Columbus, OH? Here are some things to consider when narrowing down your selection criteria for warehouse location.

Location, location, location

Warehouse selection criteria often comes down to location. Customers today expect faster delivery times than ever before, thanks in large part to the standardization of the idea of “two-day shipping.” One way to make this a reality is by choosing a warehouse storage facility in a central location relative to your customer base or your company’s headquarters.

If your customer base or company headquarters is near Columbus, OH, the selection criteria for warehouse location should include close proximity to the area. This will cut down on the time it takes to get to and from the warehouse for deliveries, thereby increasing the number of deliveries you can make each day.

Close proximity to your company headquarters and customer base can also cut down on your cost of delivery. This is important these days, as customers not only expect faster shipping than ever before, but they also expect it to cost less.

Access to transportation

Another warehouse selection criteria aspect to consider in Columbus, OH is the access to major thoroughfares of transportation. A warehouse may be geographically nearby, but if it’s on the end of a long road with a low speed limit, the time it takes to get there and back may be greater than other options. For example, a warehouse may be farther away in terms of distance but closer in terms of travel time if it’s just off the freeway.

Loading facilities

You should also consider the loading and staging facilities of a warehouse. Make sure your vehicles will be able to access the warehouse and loading area easily and quickly. Consider the weather of all seasons. Does the facility have internal or external docking bays? Do their staging facilities meet the needs of your company and your customers? Does the facility have proper handling and loading equipment?

Business agreement

One more piece of the warehouse selection criteria puzzle to consider is the business side of the arrangement. Make sure the facility provides all the essentials your company requires at a price and contract that works for you and your customers.

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