The Differences Between Short-Term and Long-Term Warehousing

Unless your company already owns a warehouse, you may need to partner with a business that offers short-term or longer-term warehouse storage in Columbus, OH. But what’s the difference between the two types of storage?

This post will cover everything you need to know about your warehousing options.

When does a business need short-term warehousing?

Any items that need to be stored for less than three months can go into short-term warehouse storage. These are a few examples of times a company might utilize a short-term warehouse to store their products:

  • Separating shipments: If you’re importing large quantities of a product, have the whole shipment sent to a short-term warehouse before sending the products to their final location. Using short-term warehouse storage in Columbus, OH for these large imports helps save money by minimizing shipping costs and reduces the chance of any items getting lost in transit.
  • Dropshipping products: Drop-shipping is a popular business model these days because a business owner doesn’t need to have any inventory on hand. If your company utilizes the drop-shipping model, look into your options for short-term warehousing in Columbus, OH. A company like ours that provides both warehousing and shipping solutions may be perfect for you!
  • Moving locations: Moving office locations can be a huge hassle, especially if your new space isn’t ready. If that’s the case, consider storing your supplies, furniture and electronics in a short-term warehouse. When you store your products at our warehouse, we’re happy to help move them to their next location at a fair rate you won’t find elsewhere.

When might long-term warehousing be necessary?

If items need to be stored for more than three months, they’ll need to go to a long-term storage warehouse. Here are a few common reasons why a company might put goods in long-term storage:

  • Bulk materials: It’s always good to have the raw materials needed to make your products. What’s not ideal, though, is having too many raw materials. If you’re running out of space to store your raw materials, consider renting some space in a long-term warehouse.
  • Seasonal products: If your company sells or deals with any seasonal products, you know there’s always a chance of having a surplus at the end of the holiday season. As long as the products don’t expire, keep them in long-term storage. Assuming that the warehouse is climate-controlled, your goods will be ready to go next year.
  • Old paperwork: Holding onto physical paperwork might not seem as necessary nowadays, thanks to computers. But for the businesses that must keep physical records, renting out space in a long-term warehouse is a good solution. Just ensure that the facility isn’t humid and the documents are safe behind lock and key.

Choose our team for your warehousing needs

Regardless of why you need short-term warehousing in Columbus, OH, be sure to give us a call. At Quality Experienced Moving, Inc., we have a secure and temperature-controlled, 25,000-square-foot warehouse, so your items will be in good hands when they’re in our facility.

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