Why White Glove Delivery Is Different

Ordering a product off Amazon and having it delivered to your doorstep the next day is convenient, but next-day shipping pales in comparison to white glove delivery. White glove shipping companies in Columbus, OH not only deliver your new product or appliance—they also install it for you. Keep reading to learn why you should always consider upgrading to white glove delivery if you have the option:

  • Minimized handoffs: When you order delivery from a standard shipping company, the item could be handled by dozens of employees, increasing the chance of damage or misplacement. White glove shipping companies handle the entire shipping process from the loading dock to your house, minimizing handoffs and the chance of damage.
  • Real-time updates: White glove shipping companies are committed to delivering your appliance on time and in one piece. For that reason, we offer real-time updates during the shipping process. You can log in to see where your product is at any time and get an updated estimated time of delivery.
  • On-time delivery: In addition to offering real-time updates on your product’s location, white glove shipping companies in Columbus, OH make a point of delivering your item on time. If your new appliance is delayed for any reason, you can rest easy knowing the shipping company will notify you and give you a new ETD.
  • Headache-free delivery: The biggest hassle with standard delivery isn’t getting it to your front door—it’s the steps you have to take once the appliance has arrived at your home. Getting your bulky new appliance through the front door and into the correct space is a daunting task. White glove delivery takes that stress away by bringing your item inside and completing the installation process for you.

All white glove delivery services aren’t created equal

Hiring a white glove shipping service in Columbus, OH is obviously a good choice. However, you have to choose the right company to ensure flawless delivery. Here are a few qualities to look for when selecting a shipping service:

  • Reputable employees: Letting just anyone into your home can be a little nerve racking. After all, what if they try to steal something or wind up damaging your property? That’s not a concern when you hire Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. All of our employees are vetted and are guaranteed to do an exceptional job.
  • Fair prices: The added luxuries of white glove delivery do make the service more expensive. However, you still shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to receive your item. Shop around and look for a shipping company that doesn’t charge a fortune for its services.
  • Wide range of delivery services: Any quality shipping company offers more than just white glove delivery services. Look for one that provides rapid standard and threshold delivery options in addition to their white glove services. This is a sign of a reputable and versatile company.

Whether you need white glove shipping service in Columbus, OH for a large appliance or a small one, contact our team at Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. Our years of industry expertise and friendly employees guarantee you’ll have an exceptional delivery experience.

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