Reasons You Need Reliable White Glove Delivery in 2020

Everyone is familiar with same-day or next-day delivery options, but fewer people know about white glove delivery services. Instead of dropping your new appliance or product off on your front porch, a company that offers white glove delivery will bring your goods inside and even install them for you. Continue reading to learn why you should opt for white glove shipping in Columbus, OH:

  • Fewer hands: Generally speaking, the more hands that touch a product while in transit, the worse the outcome. More people handling the item leads to a higher chance of it breaking or getting lost. With white glove delivery, there’s only one team moving the product from the shipping dock to your home, meaning the chance of it getting lost or damaged is virtually zero.
  • Contactless delivery: Keeping a six-foot distance between yourself and others has become the new norm. Although one of our white glove delivery drivers will need to enter your home to install your new appliance, there’s no need to come in direct contact with them. It’s the safest and most convenient delivery process.
  • Ultimate convenience: Speaking of easy delivery, it’s impossible to beat white glove logistics in Columbus, OH. White glove delivery drivers take your appliance from the truck, place it in the desired location and will even set it up for you. There’s no need to lift a finger or worry about maneuvering your new item up the stairs or around corners.
  • Worry-free setup: Installing a new appliance isn’t always as easy as plugging it into the nearest outlet. Additionally, learning how to operate your gadget can be even more confusing. That’s where white glove delivery comes in handy. Our drivers will install your new appliance and show you just how to use it.

Preparing your home for white glove delivery

Experts in white glove shipping in Columbus, OH will handle all of the heavy lifting and background work. However, preparing your home for their arrival is always appreciated. Take care of these steps to ensure your delivery goes off without a hitch:

  • Clear a path: First off, we ask that you clean up any clutter that may block the route for your new appliance. Anything left on the floor could be a tripping hazard for our drivers, which obviously isn’t ideal.
  • Clean the room: Along with clearing a path for your new appliance, it’s always helpful if you tidy up the room it’s going in. Taking this extra step makes it easier for our crew to set up your appliance, meaning you’ll get to use it sooner!
  • Cover the floor: You may also want to consider covering your floors with bedsheets, plastic wrap or a tarp. Doing so prevents scratches or stains that may result from transporting your new item.

Hire our team to handle your delivery needs

Choosing professionals for delivery and white glove logistics in Columbus, OH isn’t always easy. There are some less-than-reputable companies out there who don’t offer the top-notch services you deserve. Thankfully, Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. is here! From standard drop-offs to white glove services, we’re the best in the business when it comes to delivery. Reach out today to learn more.

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