Want to Offer White Glove Delivery? Here’s How to Afford It

There is no doubt that white glove shipping will give you an edge on your competition and create happy repeat customers. However, budgeting for white glove logistics and service in Columbus, OH can be challenging, especially early in its implementation. Rather than panic, rest assured there are cost-effective ways to start this service and offer it to your customers in the near future. Here are three technology tools for running white gloves services on a budget:

  • Blockchain technology: Normally associated with cryptocurrency, blockchain also offers advantages with creating white glove services. This technology streamlines communication, and that makes the supply chain react more efficiently. The time between ordering, packing and shipping becomes much more streamlined. You pay less for mistakes, and implementation becomes easier. That in turn saves money. Also, blockchain technology is secure, and in a world of data breaches, that offers additional peace of mind. You will not have to worry about private information being leaked or orders suddenly disappearing.
  • Cloud-based CRM solutions: CRM software is frequently expensive and out of the budget for smaller retailers. It demands heavy IT resources, and updates can be time consuming. If you offer products that would shine with white glove service, you still have options for CRM. A cloud-based solution requires no installation or extra demands of your IT staff. Plus, you can manage shipping and delivery from a mobile device so you can help customers even after your shop closes for the evening. This gives you the same abilities to manage shipping and services as larger companies with complex CRM systems, only you can do it at a lower cost.
  • Route optimization: Travel time for deliveries also costs money. The wrong guidance program can waste fuel and create unhappy customers when a delivery is late. FedEx and UPS have used these services for years, but they are now available for smaller entities. Your drivers can avoid traffic and construction and plan trips accordingly. The system will reroute when needed without drivers needing to pull over and call the office. Let the software do the work, and all your deliveries will be quick ones!

There is another option if implementing these strategies in your company is either impossible or would simply take too long. Many retailers delegate their white glove services to an experienced contractor that already has the software and advances needed to make better delivery a reality. This can be a good option if you are just starting out with white glove services, or if your customers do not order them often. That way, you can make customers happy without a huge investment in a little-used resource.

Fortunately, there is a company available to help you. Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. offers white glove shipping in Columbus, OH. If you are looking to make the investment into white glove logistics, we can become your effective shipping partner and ensure customer satisfaction. Call us today to learn more and receive a cost estimate. We look forward to working with you soon.

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