Why Hire White Glove Services?

As delivery culture takes over during the time of COVID-19, there are more questions about what white glove delivery service is and why companies in Columbus, OH should use it. The term arises from the literal effort of times past, when shippers wore white gloves as they handled specialty products. Now, it arises as customer services expectations increase and people are willing to pay more for good service. Here’s why white glove services are important and worth the extra effort.

What are white glove services?

The term “white glove service” is defined as being “marked by special care or attention.” Shipping logistics commonly include packaging, labeling and shipping, with the ability to move products within 24 hours and offer customers tracking abilities. When delivery is reasonable and arrives consistently when expected, customers are more likely to purchase from your business again.

White glove service takes these basics one step further. Customers receive information throughout the shipping process, but services also include unpacking items, disposing of packing material, overnight storage, special handling for fragile items or antiques and even assembly and installation. Basically, consumers have no responsibility other than to enjoy their new products.

When to use white glove services

In some industries, “one size fits all” does not work for everyone. People who are busy working from home and cannot put aside time to assemble a desk or install a dishwasher likely seek out white glove service for its convenience. Likewise, a disabled individual will not be able to move that new mattress into their room and set it up. For items involving brute strength or assembly, white glove service can pay off in the long run because it tells customers you are committed to their comfort.

This is especially true when you consider customer expectations. Many people will pay up to 16 percent more if they receive more customer service, and 75 percent of your customer base expects responses to their inquiries within five minutes. Bad service experiences can cost companies approximately $1.6 trillion in revenue. Considering these expectations, if you can afford this service and find a good provider, definitely include it as an option.

However, you should also set reasonable expectations so you do not receive bad reviews from one fluke. Communicate any delivery limitations, whether you require a loading dock or only deliver to a certain area without a fee. Keep in contact with customers if there are delays, and if you outsource to a service provider, make sure they have the customer’s contact information too.

Ask the right questions so you are prepared. Stairs, porches and even sloped driveways can make a delivery more difficult. Liftgates and ramps can also pose challenges. Make sure you know what you are getting into so there are no customer disappointments later.

Now that you know what white glove delivery is, you may wish to speak to a service provider who can offer it. Quality Experience Moving, Inc. offers white glove delivery throughout Columbus, OH. If you would like to start this service or get a cost estimate, call us today to discuss this option further.

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