The Effects of COVID-19 on the White Glove Industry

White glove logistics is always an interesting challenge, but no year has been more challenging than this one. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it more difficult to schedule white glove logistics in Columbus, OH. Thanks to COVID-19’s highly transmissible nature, and the sheer amount of contact involved in a white glove delivery or assembly, the industry has had to quickly adapt to the new normal.

How white glove services are affected

The future of white glove service has always involved being able to create completely customizable, individual customer profiles. For example, when someone places an order, your system will recognize that John Smith of 123 Elm Street prefers morning delivery times and to have large items assembled in his home. Not only does this make the customer’s experience a lot easier, but it also reduces extra coordination during the delivery itself.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, having a system that registers customer profiles—and communicates them company-wide—is invaluable. Customers who have been mostly housebound for months rely on delivery services to help them get the items they need, but having a stranger come inside your home and install or set up a product suddenly seems a lot more dangerous than it might have before. The industry has had to shift its response customer by customer, which is why it’s time to implement individual customer profiles now.

What you can do to customize your white glove customer experience

Every customer has a unique opinion of what COVID-19 really is and which safety measures are non-negotiable to them. That means you have the obligation to cater to each individual’s comfort level. It makes the job a bit more challenging, but there are a few different options you can offer to make the process easier:

  • Contactless POD: Payment on delivery service once involved signing forms and occasionally even paying with cash. To assuage COVID-19 fears, try to offer a contactless POD option. Your customers will appreciate not needing to interact with people outside their bubble, and so will your workers.
  • Mandatory PPE use: Most companies implemented mandatory personal protective equipment use at the beginning of the pandemic, including gloves and masks. If your employees will be going past the threshold, make sure they also have drop cloths, disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other products that can help to reduce the spread of pathogens.
  • Be clear about the different service levels: Most white glove service providers have different levels of service, from dropping the item off to installing or building it right in the customer’s home. It is incumbent upon you to be clear about what each service level involves and how you account for customer safety. Then the customer can make informed choices, and there won’t be any surprises on delivery day.

Offering white glove service is the easiest approach to moving household goods in Columbus, OH. The better you treat your customers—and the more customizable their experience—the happier and healthier they’ll be.

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