The Different Types of Moving Services Explained

When deciding to hire a moving company, you might find yourself presented with a whole slew of options. There are many different types of moving services, and it’s important to know which one you need. Some moving companies only work locally, while others will take your possessions across several states. There are even some moving […]

Our Best Moving Safety Tips

When you’re getting ready to move homes or offices, your physical health is just as important as packing things up into boxes. Every year, Americans report over 38.5 million injuries in their homes—don’t make moving injuries part of that tally. Follow these moving safety tips to ensure your next move is as painless as possible: […]

Moving Expenses That Can Be Deducted from Your Taxes

Is there a move in your near future? If you’re planning on moving homes or offices, you should keep track of your moving expenses—they might just count as tax deductions. Most people don’t want to pay Uncle Sam any more money than they absolutely have to. Check out this list of deductible moving expenses to […]

When to Use White-Glove Delivery

If you’re familiar with delivery services, you may have heard of white-glove delivery before. But exactly what is white-glove delivery? Does it involve gentlemen at a haughty, high-society soiree, dining on canapés and sipping Dom Pérignon? Not quite. But it does involve special treatment that can make the delivery process smoother and more pleasant. Let’s […]

The Best Packing Materials

When you’re looking to move, you might give little thought to what packing materials you’ll be using. But keeping items intact and preventing damage requires using quality packing materials. While this doesn’t involve spending top dollar, it is a good idea to put some thought into how you will pack ahead of time. Read on […]