When to Use White-Glove Delivery

If you’re familiar with delivery services, you may have heard of white-glove delivery before. But exactly what is white-glove delivery? Does it involve gentlemen at a haughty, high-society soiree, dining on canapés and sipping Dom Pérignon?

Not quite. But it does involve special treatment that can make the delivery process smoother and more pleasant. Let’s look at how white-glove delivery in Columbus, OH works.

A step above

White-glove delivery is a service that is a step above standard delivery. If you’re having an item moved, you can guarantee that staff are paying exceptional attention to it throughout the journey. Every step of the way—from departure to delivery—is considered carefully.

With standard delivery, the driver may leave a package on the doorstep or sidewalk, but with white-glove delivery, they will ensure that the item is securely in your hands. They may also provide assistance with heavy lifting or any assembly required for the package.

What happens when you choose white-glove delivery?

This service will ensure all of the following is taken care of:

  • Packaging: Packing the item with proper materials to ensure that they are kept pristine throughout the journey, without any dents, scratches, scuffs or other damage. Your package will also arrive in a clean vehicle and not be affected by dirt or debris.
  • Logistics: Once the items are ready for shipping all the way through their destination, staff will make sure that each step is planned according to the customer’s needs. This includes arranging for secure overnight storage.
  • Assembly: White-glove-delivery drivers will also be able to assist with assembly following the delivery of a package. This is particularly useful for items like bulky furniture or lighting fixtures. These drivers are trained to meet the needs of customers who need a high level of service.
  • Disposal: You don’t have to worry about breaking down boxes or tossing packaging. White-glove delivery helps every step of the way and will take care of any disposal.

When is it best to use white-glove delivery?

You probably won’t be using white-glove delivery to meet your everyday needs; however, this service has a wide range of uses. If you’re looking to move prized furniture or valuable art, then choosing a higher level of service makes sense. Those in the antique business are likely well acquainted with white-glove delivery.

Whenever you have delicate, fragile or valuable items, white-glove delivery makes sense. It ensures that your items will arrive in exactly the same condition and that they won’t be lost, misplaced or damaged. As it often is in life, what you pay for is what you get, and the same goes for delivery services.

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