The Different Types of Moving Services Explained

When deciding to hire a moving company, you might find yourself presented with a whole slew of options. There are many different types of moving services, and it’s important to know which one you need. Some moving companies only work locally, while others will take your possessions across several states. There are even some moving companies that will ship your items internationally. Read on to learn about all the different types of movers.

Local movers

As mentioned above, there are many moving companies that only work within the local area. They are the perfect option for those needing to move from an apartment to a new home. Be sure to check with any moving company you’re considering and see how far they’re willing to move your possessions. You should also make sure the local moving company is properly licensed and is transparent when it comes to pricing.

Long-distance movers

If you need to move several states away from your current location, you’ll need to work with a long-distance moving company. These movers can usually travel over 100 miles. The cost of their services is usually based on the weight of the items you’re shipping, as well as the distance to your new location. As with local movers, it’s important to do plenty of research on any long-distance moving company you’re considering. Be sure to check their reviews and ask for a detailed estimate.

Commercial movers

There’s a lot that goes into commercial moving. You might have to move desks, computers, furniture and much more. This typically requires more movers and a longer moving timeframe. Some commercial businesses also need to ship sensitive materials that shouldn’t be seen by those not working for the company. That’s why it’s important to be clear with your moving company about the types of items you plan on moving. This will help them better prepare for the job and create a more accurate estimate.

International movers

International moving can be a very complicated and intimidating process. That’s why it’s important to work with a good international moving company. International movers base their price on the weight of your shipment as well as the distance to your new home. They’ll also base their price on the mode of transportation required to ship your items.

Specialty movers

There are certain items that require the services of specialty movers. Not every moving company is equipped to work with items like artwork, large musical instruments (such as pianos), antiques, etc. If you have items that require special care, it’s important to seek out a specialty moving company. They will be the best equipped to handle your items without causing any damage.

Before deciding on a moving company, it’s important to clarify the exact services they’re offering. Make sure they can actually ship your possessions to your new location without any issues. It’s always a good idea to compare quotes from several different reputable moving companies.

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