Why You Should Consider White Glove Services in Your Transportation Management

Today’s e-commerce system is more competitive than ever. With a majority of Americans making regular purchases online, having reliable transportation management systems in Columbus, OH is key to customer satisfaction. Although some customers will always prefer free shipping over anything else, when making a major purchase, many feel that white glove delivery services indicate higher quality and a better level of service—which means they’ll come back again, and also spread the word.

If you’re not sure whether your company would benefit from white glove delivery service, read on to see which products it’s best suited to.

What is white glove delivery?

Many shipping companies provide a basic level of service, such as dropping a package off on the porch or curbside. Some will step it up a bit and bring the product inside the home, but no further. White glove delivery is the gold standard, in which the delivery person brings the product inside, to the customer’s room of choice, and performs light assembly. At Quality Experienced Moving, Inc., we also take away any packing material and carton debris that the customer wants us to get rid of.

This is great for products such as appliances, cribs and other furniture that need careful assembly upon arrival—and the experience will engender positive feelings from the customer.

What can I expect from white glove delivery?

When you’re choosing a white glove delivery service, be sure to ask questions to define exactly which services are provided. Do they include assembly? What happens if a product is damaged or broken upon arrival? Can the customer choose their delivery window? Who will be liable for other associated damaged? How will the company alert you and the customer to tracking, delivery status and other important alerts?

All of these factors will have an impact on you and your customer’s experience.

How can white glove delivery help with reverse logistics?

Of course, reverse logistics is an important part of any e-commerce company in Columbus, OH. White glove delivery actually helps make your reverse logistics management more efficient. That’s because fewer returns come in, so the shipping company can identify damaged products faster, cutting down on the time spent managing returns.

Ultimately, white glove delivery provides an unparalleled level of service to your customer that they won’t soon forget. When you’re choosing a delivery service, be sure to consider whether you have products that would benefit from the white glove touch. Not only will your customers be thrilled with the extra care you show, but you’ll cut down on reverse logistics and be able to keep track of exactly when, where and how your products were delivered.

Benefit from our transportation management systems in Columbus, OH

Ready to explore white glove delivery solutions for your e-commerce business? Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. offers a variety of final mile delivery solutions, including white glove delivery. We’re committed to providing the best customer experience possible, from inspecting your freight at the warehouse to delivering and setting up your products. Call us today to get started.

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