How We Maximize Our Warehouse Space to Optimize Our Services

One aspect of fine-tuning our logistics is making sure we regularly conduct a warehouse space utilization analysis to ensure we are making the most efficient use of the warehouse space we have available in Columbus, OH. This is a factor that often separates logistics companies into the “good” and the “great”—what are you doing to make your warehouse an easy-to-use facility and to ensure items coming in and out are easily tracked and organized?

Here’s an overview of some of the steps logistics companies you work with should be taking to improve efficiency within their warehouse spaces:

  • Proper use of vertical space: Warehouse owners should be very familiar with exactly how much vertical space they have available, and investigate storage solutions that allow them to take advantage of that height. This is one of the biggest mistakes made in warehouse management: wasting cubic feet of space because of the lack of vertical storage solutions.
  • Appropriate aisle widths: You need to find the balance between giving yourself enough aisle width space to easily operate material handling equipment like forklifts while also not wasting space. You don’t want your aisles to be so wide that it compromises your storage space, but you don’t want them to be so thin that it becomes very difficult to safely operate equipment.
  • Consolidate when possible: If you have multiple locations for storing the same item, change up your storage to combine them and make better use of your warehouse space.
  • Consider where you place certain items: Items that frequently come and go should be given higher priority access to entrance and exit points, and be located closer to the ends of aisles. Items that tend to sit for longer periods of time can be placed in back or up high in harder-to-reach areas.
  • Storage depth: It’s not just the height of storage spaces you should consider, but also how well you’re using the full depth of your available storage spaces. Consider double-depth racking if you have the ability to do so, and if it makes sense with the kind of inventory you’re warehousing.
  • Aim for simplicity: As a general rule, aim for simplicity with every step you take in your warehouse. Any time you have a choice between a simple solution and a more complex one, choose the simple options. You’ll find that, over time, stacking these simple solutions will make your warehouse space significantly more efficient.
  • Add a mezzanine: Consider the use of a mezzanine (if your building layout allows it) to house items that do not require high bay storage. This can help you maximize warehouse space utilization, especially vertical space.
  • Plan for your building: Are there any unusual quirks or characteristics with your building? Make sure you account for them when planning your warehouse layout and processes.

These are just a few examples of some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when making your warehouse more efficient. For more information about the warehouse space utilization formulas we employ in Columbus, OH, contact Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. today.

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