When You Should Consider White Glove Moving

There is always some stress that comes with the moving process. Sources of concern may include the safety of your fragile or valuable items, the ability to get everything packed safely and efficiently and the amount of time and energy it will cost you to get your move accomplished.

You can take a great deal of stress off your plate by working with professional movers. While it will cost you more to work with professional movers than to rent a truck and do it yourself, you can give yourself quite a bit of piece of mind by working with white glove movers in Columbus, OH who are capable of moving even your largest, bulkiest and most fragile items safely and efficiently.

Here’s an overview of what you should know about these services.

Hiring white glove movers

To find a good team of movers that fits your needs, you should begin as you would when searching for any kind of contractor or service provider: by researching online. You’ll probably find a number of different moving professionals in your area. Check for online reviews, which can be helpful to put you at ease with your decision.

You should also look for companies that offer transparent pricing models. If they don’t put prices on their website or are hesitant to answer your questions when you call them up, this should be a major red flag. However, some companies may even go the extra mile and visit you to look at specific hard-to-move belongings (like pianos or other particularly heavy, fragile or specialty objects) to give you a quote for the move. Without transparent pricing, it will be impossible to compare different companies. You shouldn’t just go with the cheapest company you find for that reason alone, but price is definitely a large factor you’re going to want to consider.

What’s even more important than price is the capabilities of your potential movers. White glove movers are movers that use higher-grade packing materials than average, and who are likely to double-layer moving boxes. They’ll have a higher grade of padding material, and will use specialty boxes and wooden crates for certain items that need extra support and safety. White glove movers are also much more likely to have additional training in moving specialty items that will give you more peace of mind during the move.

When you take all this into consideration, sometimes it’s worth it to pay a little bit more than you might for other, cheaper movers to give yourself that extra peace of mind and to get some assurance your items will be safe.

Ultimately, if you’re at all concerned about your ability to complete a move on your own, or simply find yourself overly stressed out about the prospects of moving, you should give some serious thought to hiring a team of white glove movers to handle it for you. For more information about the services we provide in terms of white glove moving and storage in Columbus, OH, contact Quality Experienced Moving, Inc. today.

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