What Is the Point of Final Mile Delivery Services?

Online shopping and home delivery have become a standard for most households. A single family will likely receive several packages from multiple stores and destinations in a single week, in some cases even on a single day. While a customer may only see the convenience of everything they need arriving on their doorstep, stores and logistics companies alike see an acute lack of efficiency.

To stay competitive with ecommerce giants like Amazon, many smaller companies are looking to find efficient, cost effective ways to get their goods to consumers faster. From developing new technologies to experimenting with new supply chain models, companies are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition.

Final mile delivery: The problem

One of the biggest hurdles in home delivery that companies need to tackle is same-day or final mile delivery service in Columbus, OH. At most stages of shipping, a large quantity of goods is being shipped to a single destination (i.e. a single semi-truck carrying all the goods going to a single state). In the last step of delivery, a small delivery truck will typically carry a small load of packages to a wide variety of destinations across the city (i.e. each consumer’s home). It’s at this last stage, or the final mile, that is both the most time-consuming and expensive. Final mile delivery makes up the majority of the delivery costs. For most companies, final mile delivery accounts for about 53 percent of their overall shipping cost.

Final mile delivery: The solution

In the past, most companies have managed the delivery of their own goods from the moment the product leaves their packaging facility to the moment it arrives at the consumer’s door. Today, however, companies are looking to take advantage of crowdsourcing and using locally-based couriers to deliver goods.

For example, think of Uber or Grubhub—these are both services that allow consumers to coordinate with each other and a single courier to receive a good or service faster and for less money. Other companies can use the same method to deliver their goods to consumer by working with local couriers.

By working with a local final mile delivery service in Columbus, OH, companies can get their online orders to consumers more quickly, and consumers can get a more personalized and convenient delivery service. Because local carriers can more easily coordinate with customers, they can also ensure that packages can be delivered on the first attempt, which eliminates the cost and time involved in making second or third delivery attempts.

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