Why Should You Use a White Glove Delivery Service?

If you’re not familiar with white glove delivery service for large or complex items, you’re in for a treat—it’s a service designed to handle extra-large, oddly-shaped items or even things that need installation. White glove delivery services generally handle home delivery, unboxing and even inspecting for damage, which lets your customer know that you truly care about their experience. It’s the highest level of service and support available, and you can easily set yourself apart from other businesses by going the extra mile.

Already familiar with all the benefits of white glove delivery service in Columbus, OH? Quality Experienced Moving Inc. is the area’s premier white glove delivery service, with over twenty years of experience in the industry. Call us today to find out how we can help your business shine!

Wondering if we could be the right white glove delivery service for you in Columbus, OH? Read on for our favorite reasons to go that extra mile:

  • Peace of mind: We know that trusting your delivery with another provider is a big deal. Quality Experienced Moving Inc. provides peace of mind so you know your item is being transported by a leading specialty shipping provider. We will take care of your home or office like we would our own, using protective coverings whenever required to preserve your floors.
  • Reduce breakage and returns: It’s just a fact—sometimes customers break their appliances or furniture when they’re installing or placing it. When you have customers moving and installing their own appliances, you’re more likely to find yourself dealing with breakages and returns. What’s worse is having to accept a return when the cause could have been easily avoided. When you use a white glove delivery and/or installation service, you’re adding another layer of protection for your business.
  • Do something great for the environment: You might not have thought about this factor, but it’s still important—when your customer doesn’t know when to expect a delivery, they might be out of the house! Life doesn’t stop just because you bought a sofa or a washing machine, so why would you expect your customers to stay home waiting indefinitely for a delivery? White glove delivery in Columbus, OH allows your valued clients to schedule a time and date at which they’ll be available. In turn, this saves fuel from missed and multiple delivery routes, as well as manpower. Who knew that providing great service would also be the best thing for the planet?

If you need white glove and final mile delivery service in Columbus, OH, don’t delay—call the experts at Quality Experienced Moving Inc.

Need white glove delivery in Columbus, OH? Call today!

Family owned and operated Quality Experienced Moving Inc. has been providing white glove delivery service in Columbus, OH for over 15 years. We offer storage and sorting services for each product in whichever location you choose, and we provide the best in-home deliveries available. When your business needs installation, removal and unboxing of items like furniture and appliances, call on Quality Experienced Moving Inc.

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