Why More Companies Are Moving to Final Mile Delivery Services in Columbus, OH

The rise of online shopping over the last decade has forever changed the business world in a variety of ways, from how companies advertise and package their products to the kinds of logistics services they employ. It is the advent of online shopping that has, in part, led to a boom in final mile delivery services in Columbus, OH and beyond.

Final mile delivery is the process of transporting goods from a major transportation hub to the final delivery destination—often a person’s home. Rather than wasting energy and resources by using large trucks to make the delivery, final mile delivery involves the use of smaller vehicles to strategically transport smaller amounts of goods for delivery. Think, for example, of the Amazon vans you’ve likely seen bringing packages to homes in your neighborhood—these vans come from a larger transportation hub, where large tractor trailers arrive with higher quantities of goods.

Here are just a few of the reasons why companies are starting to rely on this type of service more heavily than ever before.

Improved cost effectiveness

You have to consider your bottom line when arranging your logistics, and there’s no denying that final mile delivery is a much more cost-effective option than other forms of delivery. Local drivers are more familiar with the area and can deliver on routes as needed, even going so far as to custom-tailor routes for companies that want to deliver expedited shipping. Outsourcing final mile delivery allows companies to use the services as they need them, rather than having to employ full-time company drivers to carry out the last leg of shipments when there might not necessarily be enough work to justify full-time salaries for the job.

Enhanced efficiency

Delivery companies have storage for long- and short-term needs, which can help you reduce your own storage needs on site. They are able to handle all the scheduling to complete deliveries, taking a lot of responsibility off of your plate. They’ll also handle all the staffing and training for drivers and other logisticians working for the company, and get it done efficiently.

Professional service

You can significantly cut down on damaged or lost items by working with professional last-mile shippers, because you can be certain these pros will understand how to properly handle items during transit. All personnel with these companies are trained to be extra cautious during the transportation process.

Competitive edge

One study from several years back revealed that about two thirds of shoppers purchased goods from one retailer over several other options because they thought the delivery services were a more appealing choice. As it becomes more and more standard for companies to use final mile delivery services, those that do not offer this service will quickly find themselves falling behind.

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